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Sponsors Needed

The Community Needs Your Support

The Detroit Helping our Youth Development® (DHYD) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that provides services to low-income, inner-city children in Metro Detroit .  The Detroit Helping our Youth Development® offers martial arts, kickboxing, and mentoring programs to the community.  Many teenagers meet at the center to discuss and learn the values of being a good person.  While other younger children participate in martial arts programs, although many can not afford to pay the high fees for martial arts instruction, the doors are always open and the children congregated at the center.  DHYD’s mission is to continue and expand its fall after school programs to Metro Detroit’s youth.  Our goal is to improve the confidence and self-concept of these youth by teaching and offering martial arts, boxing, mentoring and advocating for families.    We are in need to expand our “Youth Mentoring Program”.  The mentoring program helps many young teenagers share goals, ideals, exchange views on how to better their life and the lives of their family through religion, education, business and leadership in the community.    The youth of Metro Detroit are in dire need of our support.  The combination of high rates of unemployment, poverty and crime rates in Detroit has affected the community.  Detroit was named the “Most Dangerous City” in the United States in 2002 and 2003 because of its disproportionate rates of murder and violent crime.  In fact, recent crime statistics show that more than 800 people in Detroit were shot within the first six months of 2004, indicating a 70% increase from 2003.  Detroit’s police chief has recently allocated more officers into the gang unit due to increased activity.  The statistics are staggering—and tragic.  Now, more than ever, Detroit’s youth need recreational opportunities and positive adult relationships to prevent them from participating in criminal and gang activities.


Our Youth Mentoring Program has been a great success.  One of the teams we have created is the American Youth Kickboxing Team.  The team meets learns, trains and grows together.  The team is travels and mentors youth on the importance of education, leadership and family values.  The Captain of the team is William Hayes, 13 years old from Detroit, Michigan.  William is a black belt in Taekwondo, and has won the Amateur Full Contact Kickboxing and Boxing Championships.  William volunteers as instructor at the Institute of Martial Arts® in Detroit, Michigan and is the lead youth mentor at the Detroit Helping our Youth Development’s “Say No to Gun Violence Youth Mentoring Program.”   

William has used his talents to teach, and mentor other youths.  William and the  American Youth Kickboxing Team is planning to travel to Orlando, Florida on August 8, 2007.  However, the team is in desperate need of sponsors.  William and the team will be competing for the International Kickboxing Federation World Kickboxing Title (www.ikfkickboxing.com).  The American Youth Kickboxing Team and William are in need of your kind support and donations to assist with the teams travel and help us expand Say No to Gun Violence Youth Mentoring Program.”   

All donations are fully tax deductible.  Please make checks payable to DHYD (Detroit Helping our Youth Development), 16849 Warren Avenue, Detroit, MI 48228, phone 313.581.2048.      



Detroit Helping Our Youth Donations for the “America’s Youth Kickboxing Team Traveling to The IKF World Championships in Orlando, Flordia on August 10, 2007

 Our Goal is to raise $ 4,000  

           $ 10.00

           $ 25.00

           $ 50.00

           $ 100.00

           $ 200.00          Bronze Donation

           $ 500.00          Silver Donation

           $ 1000.00        Gold Donation

           $ 2000.00        Platinum Donation

           $ 4000.00        Diamond Donation 

All donations are fully tax deductible.  Please make checks payable to: 

DHYD (Detroit Helping our Youth Development)

16849 Warren Avenue

Detroit, MI 48228 

Companies who are a Bronze Donator and above, please contact us for sponsor advertising.  The world will see that your company assisted America’s Youth at the World Championships. Phone 313.581.2048.   

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Thank you for your support

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