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Detroit Helping our Youth Development


Our Website has moved:  http://www.detroithelpingouryouthdevelopment.vpweb.com/

In 2004, the Institute of Martial Arts staff members launched Detroit Helping our Youth Development (DHYD) as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit group.   For nearly 14 years, owners of the Institute of Martial Arts had been providing services to low-income, inner-city children in Detroit who could not afford to pay the fees, simply because the children congregated at the center.  DHYD’s goal is to improve the confidence and self-concept of these youth by teaching martial arts, mentoring and advocating for families. 

The youth of Detroit are in dire need of our support.  The combination of high rates of unemployment, poverty and drug use have participated in increased gang activity and crime rates in Detroit.  Detroit was named the “Most Dangerous City” in the United States in 2002 and 2003 because of its disproportionate rates of murder and violent crime.  In fact, recent crime statistics show that more than 800 people in Detroit were shot within the first six months of 2004, indicating a 70% increase from 2003.  Detroit’s police chief has recently allocated more officers into the gang unit due to increased activity.  The statistics are staggering and tragic.  Now, more than ever, Detroit’s youth need recreational opportunities and positive adult relationships to prevent them from participating in criminal and gang activities. 

DHYD is requesting in-kind support from organizations, and personal individulas donations. Your generous gift will support marital arts education, after school programs, job placement program, the crime and prevention program, women's self concept program and the united families program, as well as give the youth in the community a sense belonging, increase confidence, and prevent our youth from engaging in dangerous behaviors.

 We appreciate your thoughtful consideration of this request.  You may reach me at (313) 581-2048 to discuss our programs or any questions you may have.